Jeremiah Teipen

Jan 30 - March 6, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday, Jan 29, 7-9PM

The exhibit features a new body of video and digital print work from Teipen, all produced using found media. Consisting of thousands of bits of visual information streamed together, overlapping and colliding, each piece questions the amount of information at our fingertips, addressing aspects of the information age that are overwhelming to the point of futility. This work expresses how excess information has the tendency to recombine beyond control and attenuate beyond comprehension.

According to Teipen, “these pieces take on the whole of the interwebs and are compiled using data from Internet search results that are compounded to create visual orgies in electronic cerebral wastelands.” The conceptual aspect of the work is created inside the viewer’s head, a non-physical idea – dependent on the viewers cognition and ability to make sense of the deluge of information that is being thrust at them. The works simultaneously seduce the viewer with their pure visual gluttony, an almost surreal and mesmerizing experience, similar to finding patterns in clouds, both physically and in cyberspace.

The exhibition will be on view by Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm or by appt.


Oct 16 - Feb 15, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday, Oct 16, 7-9PM

Curated by: Mariko Tanaka

Featured Artists: Miwa Koizumi , Yuko Oda, Portia Munson, Aurora Robson, Anne Percoco, Tyrome Tripoli, Annie Varnot

Lumenhouse is pleased to present Convergence, a group exhibition organized in affiliation with Project Vortex, a not-for-profit organization committed to reusing plastic debris from our oceans and shorelines. This exhibition brings together seven contemporary artists responding to the current environmental crisis in our oceans. The title references convergence zones - the ocean currents that collect the vast floating islands of non-biodegradable trash, the largest of which are several thousand miles across. Each artist's work, in concert with the mission of Project Vortex, suggests creative possibilities for reuse of plastic and other consumer byproduct materials that often otherwise enter the waste stream.

From Miwa Koizumi's delicate hybrid jellyfish made of PET bottles, to Yuko Oda's carefully crafted swarm of shopping bag butterflies to Aurora Robson's biologically intricate sculptural PET life forms, these works offer serious and inspiring explorations of the tension between the synthetic and natural worlds. Anne Percoco's Indra's Cloud documents a floating raft comprised of over 1000 plastic bottles constructed to draw attention to the polluted conditions of the Yamuna River in India. In a related vein, Annie Varnot's work creates evocative abstract topographies from thousands of plastic straws.

Convergence looks to new approaches and potential ways artists can alter how we think about our environment, re-examining our values in terms of consumption and waste.

50% of proceeds of sales from the Convergence exhibit will go to Project Vortex and Project Kaisei, 2 not-for-profit organizations focused on eliminating plastic debris from our oceans and shorelines.

The exhibition will be on view by Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm or by appt.


Jeremiah Teipen, Untitled Detail, 2010

Anne Percoco, Indra's Cloud, 2009